AurangZeb Qamar Wool Spinning Factory

Saudi Arabia's One Of The Largest Exporter Of Carpet Grade Sheep Raw Wool.

Clipped Saudi Sheep Raw Wool

White (only)

Fawn (Brown Mix)

Black (Mix)

17 Years Of Professional Experience

AZQAMAR WOOL Spinning Factory is one of the largest Carpet Grade Saudi Sheep Raw Wool exporter from SAUDI ARABIA. Our Company is exporting wool since 2004.

Quality & Trust

We have an excellent and strong relationships with all of our customers. We provide quality wool as per customers demand which build the trust between us.


AurangZeb Qamar Wool Spinning Factory has an investment license under MOI known as the Ministry of investment. Our factory is located in the 2nd industrial area Dammam, which comes under the supervision of MODON (The Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones). AZQ Wool factory collects Raw wool from the small and scattered markets in the desert of Saudi Arabia mostly near Hafar Al-Batin & Arar. Therefore we kept our main collection warehouse in HAFAR AL-BATIN.

After the collection of wool, it is sorted by its quality, colors and according to our customer needs, then it is packed and send to our main factory in Dammam for cleaning, washing & drying. Then dried wool goes through the process of natural drying in open air & under the sun. As a result, the remaining moisture within the wool evaporates. It is then packed, labeled & shipped from our Factory. After going through this hard process from finding, collecting, sorting, washing, drying & packing we provide the best quality wool as per the requirements of our esteemed customers.
Currently, we are exporting wool to PAKISTAN and INDIA but we are looking forward to meeting the needs of other countries as well. Our main factory is in 2nd industrial Area, Dammam and our main warehouse is located in HAFAR AL-Batin.